One to one antenatal classes based on Birthing From Within and a lot more, facilitated by a trained antenatal teacher and mentor.

Antenatal mentoring for parents who want to find ways of coping with the perceived challenges of labour, who want to find out more about the labour and birth process, and who want to prepare themselves to be able to support one and other and their baby within either a home or hospital setting irrespective of what type of birth they end up having.

Location: Either Sandymount, Dublin 4 or the comfort of your own home.

Time: Either evenings or weekends - whichever best suits the needs of you or your family.

Content:Topics offered include:

  • The start. Early labour, comfort measures during early labour, when to go to the hospital or call the midwife, who might support you during this time.
  • More intense labour. The physiology of labour, pain coping strategies. The journey of birth.
  • Birthing your baby. Positions and working with your care providers. Getting the support you need from your birth partner. How to have a fulfilling Cesarean birth.
  • After your baby is born. Welcoming your baby, breastfeeding and bonding. What you baby needs. Coping with the early days. Maximizing your support network.
  • Birth stories. Learning from a previous birth.
  • Homeopathy for labour, birth and afterwards.

Cost: €120 per two hour session (includes yourself and your birth partner). 

Most first time parents benefit from a minimum of two sessions.

Contact Krysia on 087-754-3751 or Email for more information, or to book.

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