Women birth best where they feel most safe. Today in our culture in Ireland women tend not to feel "safe" about birth in general. We are continuously exposed to media visions of birth that include screaming women who collapse at the first surge of their uterus and who need immediate transport to a hospital facility to receive prompt medical attention. Understandably, when women find themselves pregnant they tend to focus on the need for medical help and also on the fact that it is going to be very painful.

Learning to generate a sense of safety and security in the mind and the body during the antenatal period helps to release fear and this in turn will make the body more efficient in labour and birth. Our antenatal classes and workshops help to foster that sense of security and comfort. We go through a variety of coping mechanisms that enable you to prepare yourself to deal with the unexpected emotional and physical surprises that the journey to birth sometimes brings. We wish you happy birthing and hope to see you in one of our classes.