As Birth Know How doulas we support you and your family by:

  • Understanding the physiology of birth and what both your and your partner's emotional needs will be during labour
  • Providing emotional support, physical comfort measures and an objective viewpoint, as well as helping you get the information you need to make informed decisions
  • Recognising birth as a key experience that will transform you and your partner
  • Helping you to prepare and carry out your preferences for the birth
  • Staying with you throughout the labour

I offer a service to mothers in County Cork, either attending CUMH or having a home birth.

The service I offer includes:
  • Two antenatal visits in which we discuss your birth preferences and how these are best communicated to your care providers
  • Unlimited phone or skype support
  • On call for two weeks before your due date to two weeks after your due date
  • Supporting you at home during early labour
  • Giving you continuous support during labour either at hospital or at home
  • Homeopathic support during pregnancy and labour
  • Staying with you until you are settled after your baby is born (usually an hour or two)
  • One postnatal visit and breastfeeding support
Fees start at €750

Please call Bridget for more information or to discuss your particular needs.
086 839 1987


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